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What our Clients say

Here are comments from our long line of happy clients and their pets!

We have been taking Roxy our Lhasa apso to Hydropets for 3 years after having a spinal stroke. The wonderful work that Helen and her team have done has been amazing. Roxy was told she would never run in a field again........ wrong! Thanks to Hydropets she is running in fields and enjoying life. Even doing a little dog agility. Without the hard work and commitment and compassion that Hydropets shows, Roxy would not be as good as she is. 
So it’s a massive thank you all for everything you have done for our little girl.

- Emily, Floss and Roxy

Schenker is my 12 year old miniature dachshund who until a few years ago would quite happily run around and would be able to walk up to 5 miles a day, he was a very fit, happy little dog. Then one day he suffered a collapsed disc and has subsequently developed arthritis in his back legs and hips.
Due to the life long medication he is now on his physical activity had become very limited and as a result his movement was stiff, not very mobile and he was reluctant to move his back legs freely.
I was already aware about the good work that Helen and the team at Hydropets do and the potential benefits, so I spoke with Helen and she booked Schenker an appointment.
After an initial assessment Helen advised that as he was very stiff he would benefit from a few physiotherapy sessions first with Lauren. Well what a difference!
Lauren was brilliant with him and developed a daily exercise regime in order to help with his mobility. Schenker has improved so much, he now walks along using his back legs independently rather than together, he is easily more mobile when walking around the garden and in the house, he even has bursts of running! 
Schenker now has both physio and hydro and with the attention and care given by Lauren, Nikki (whose lap he loves) and Helen he is doing so well, he's never going to be the greatest swimmer but to see Schenker move with so much more freedom and ease is amazing.
Thanks guys

- Deborah and Schenker

Jade has been diagnosed as having hip dysplasia and arthritis. We were advised by our vet that she would benefit from having hydrotherapy and this is when we met the team at Hydropets. Everyone has been brilliant with Jade especially Helen who has been the main person involved with her hydrotherapy. At first we were very sceptical and thought it would be a waste of money but we couldn't have been more wrong.
The progress our dog has made has been slow due to her condition but Helen's excellent efforts to improve the mobility in her limbs has been fantastic and we cannot thank her enough for her ongoing efforts. Jade continues to get stronger with her now being able to swim by herself, before she was not able to support herself in the water without help.
We cannot thank Helen and everyone at Hydropets enough and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Tony & Elaine

Our Staffie, Ray, Has Hydrotherapy along with an exercise programme given to us by Helen at Hydropets has shown us a greater improvement in 3 sessions than tablets for arthritis has done in 6 months. Our Great Dane x Neapolitan Mastiff, Skye is our 63kg girl absolutely loves her "fun swim" at Hydropets. The sessions help with weight loss and has given her a noticeably improved core body strength.

- Debby & Steve Pinfold, Ray & Skye

I can't thank Hydropets enough. The vets only gave my boy 6 months to live after his front right leg was amputated due to cancer. He made 22 full and active months. I truly believe he wouldn't have done it without Helen and the team at Hydropets. They loved him and treated him like their own dog. The words "thank you" just aren't enough.

- Nicky and Munkee

I would like to say a huge thank you to Hydropets for making such a difference to the health and wellbeing of my dog Jack. Helen and her staff really care about Dogs and Jack is really fond of them.

Jack had damage to both his back Cruciate ligaments approx. a year and a half ago. Due to other health conditions (Chronic heart failure and respiratory disease) he was unable to have prescribed pain killers and an operation would have been too risky. Cage rest and no exercise was the only option for 6 months but this is extremely hard with a Jack Russell x Border collie !!. My Vet had suggested Hydrotherapy as an option but I put if off thinking that I would never get him in the water (he is also very temperamental). Jack continued to be intermittently lame and very grumpy!

I came into contact with a lady and we got talking about our Dogs and she highly recommended Hydropets. After a comprehensive call from my Vet to Helen at Hydropets (discussion about his health conditions) Jack was booked in for an in depth assessment and his first swim. He was suited and booted in a harness, life jacket and an inflatable collar around his neck to prevent water going down his nose. After a few sessions Jack became more confident and started to get back to his cheeky self and really enjoyed it (especially the treats !). Jack has come on leaps and bounds with his visits and his back legs are far stronger than ever before even chasing Cats out of his garden without showing signs of lameness. During the swim Helen is very thorough regularly checking Jack's Heart rate and all due care and attention is taken to make sure he doesn't over exert himself.

Jack loves his visits and as soon as I pick up his swimming towel he's ready to go jumping up and barking. When we arrive he races to the door and can't wait to get in the water. Not only have his legs improved tremendously with the swimming and physio his temperament has too, this I have no doubt in my mind is due to the bond that Helen builds with Dogs!

Hydropets is warm and welcoming and I would once again like to say a massive thank you for all of your help and support in Jack's recovery.

- Michelle and Jack

Hydrotherapy has been an amazing experience for both me and my dog Jack. It has helped him to recover following major back surgery, so it has given me my dog back!

Jack really loves his "swimming lessons" and gets very excited when I tell him we are going swimming! I love watching him and seeing him have so much fun. Helen and her team have been extremely helpful and friendly. It is obvious that they really love dogs.

They have always been willing to offer advice whenever I have had any concerns and I have found this very reassuring. I cannot recommend Hydropets highly enough.

- Joan and Jack

My 12 year old border collie, Callum, has been having hydrotherapy for a year now, to help the arthritis in his hips. Although a little unsure of the water to start with, Helen's patience and gentle persuasion allowed Callum to become really confident in the pool, in fact he can't wait to get there now! Callum is diabetic, so Helen monitors him closely during a session to prevent him overdoing things and to keep him safe.

Hydrotherapy has helped Callum tremendously to build up the strength in his back legs, which so many dogs lose as they grow older. He also has great fun whilst he's doing it!

- Jane and Callum

Ella, my cavalier has been going to Helen at Hydropets for a year now. She has arthritis in her hips and knees and used to limp most days. Since attending hydrotherapy Ella has improved tremendously and it is very rare for her to limp at all now. She enjoys her sessions and her fitness has got better. Helen is very warm and caring to all the dogs and has a calm, reassuring approach which makes them feel secure and confident. I have been extremely pleased with Helen and her staff over the year and wouldn't go anywhere else now. I can thoroughly recommend Hydropets.

- Julia and Ella

I first took Bella, my giant schnauzer, to Hydropets as I was having problems controlling her weight through diet and regular walks. She has always enjoyed paddling in rivers and the sea so I thought it would appeal to her. Bella was hesitant at first, but soon began to enjoy her weekly sessions; especially in the summer when they allowed her to cool off.

As Helen monitors her heart rate regularly throughout a swim, she noticed that Bella's was low, despite Helen having worked up a sweat, and suggested that I had Bella's thyroid checked-out at the Vets. Although Bella was only 4 at the time, tests indicated that she had an under active thyroid. Bella will now have to have medication for the rest of her life, but that is a small price to pay for having my energetic forever-a-puppy dog back!

All I have to say to Bella is "swimming" and she is wagging her tail by the door. I'm sure if she could find her towel she would pick it up on the way! Helen and her staff at Hydropets have always been very helpful and have Bella's well-being at heart. Thanks for all your help and advice.

- Jane and Bella

I started taking my German Shorthaired Pointer, Bisto, to Hydropets in early 2014. He had been hit by a cyclist in September 2013 which had damaged his spine and he was finding it more and more difficult to walk. By the time I took him to Hydropets I thought he only had a couple of months to live he was that bad.

Well Helen and the team were fantastic with him, in fact they were so good I started bringing my other old dog as well, Bart, just to keep him fit.

Bisto and Bart enjoyed weekly swims until sadly they both passed away in December 2014. Bisto aged 13 and 5 months, Bart was just 2 weeks short of his 15th birthday. I am so very grateful to Helen and the team at Hydropets because thanks to them and hydrotherapy Bisto had an extra year with me.

- Nicky, Bisto and Bart
Nuash GSPs

We have been using Hydropets since autumn 2013 and would recommend them. We have a lovely Labrador who has a degenerative neurological condition which affects his mobility and we can honestly say that his weekly swim at Hydropets keeps his muscles stronger and therefore, keeps him going.

The staff, and in particular Helen, are very caring and work out strategies which will best motivate and help each dog. They have a real bond with our boy who is very relaxed about his swim.
We would recommend Hydropets for anyone who's dog needs mobility assistance. We also take our other dog, a Springer Spaniel, for recreational swims and she loves it too.

- Carolyn, Walter, George and Delia