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Water Treadmill

Water Treadmill

Water treadmills are a tool used by top athletes to get their muscles, strength and fitness to be the best they can be.   It is also a very useful tool for rehabiliation.  Our machine at Hydropets uses state of the art technology to give our clients the best rehabilitation available. 

The water treadmill allows for detailed gait analysis of your dog and subsequent correction techniques to ensure your dog is walking in alignment and encouraging correct limb and muscle use. 

Water treadmills are particularly great for cruciate ligament ruptures (post op and conservative management), neurological conditions, post spinal surgery and other spinal conditions.  It is also great for  dogs that do not particularly like water.

After the dog enters the chamber with the hydrotherapist, the warm water is filled to an appropriate level for that patient. 

The large glass viewing windows on all sides allow the therapist to see your dog’s movement from every angle. Stride indicators allow the dog’s performance to be analysed whilst water depth indicators allow accurate water level adjustments.

With a minimum speed of 0.02 mph, ultra-smooth belt and side platforms for the therapist to stand in the treadmill and give additional support and foot placement, we can offer rehabilitation for a wide range of disability levels including patients with partial and full paralysis

After the session, the water will drain quickly away allowing the dog to walk forwards out the chamber.  The treadmill features twin doors allowing the dog to walk through – dogs do not have to turn in the chamber.

We take safety seriously, that is why the water treadmill and pump equipment meets all UK & EU legislation and features earthed side plates and true emergency stop (alongside ‘stop and drain’).