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The Ole Edis Memorial Centre

 For Ole Edis, the dog who was the reason for Hydropets to be built

This centre was opened on 1st June 2013, it was the idea of Ole's adoring parents.

Ole needed treatment for various ailments from a very early age and hydrotherapy was a treatment that had been recommended by his vets.  It was decided that a dedicated pool for Ole and a career change for Helen was the way forward.

His parents were told he would not live longer than 10 years old, but when Ole passed away in his parents arms on 3rd October 2020 he was 3 weeks short of his 14th birthday.

It was through the love, care and dedication from Helen and her staff at this centre that he surpassed his 10th year and went on to live a long, fulfilled and happy life.

Every dog that has been rehabilitated or continues to do so by visiting this centre has had the opportunity because of one special dog, Ole.

The love Ole has received is passed on to every dog that visits Hydropets.

Ole was dearly loved and will be remembered by all who knew him and, thanks to him, many more dogs and owners who were not fortunate enough to know him will still benefit from his legacy. 

Ole Edis 22/10/2006 - 03/10/2020

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Ole Edis Memorial Centre - Hydropets