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How to get your pet Hydrotherapy treatment

Referral Proceedure

The procedure towards hydrotherapy treatment is very simple.

Direct from you to Hydropets

Simply call us or contact us online at info@hydropets.couk and we will:

  • Discuss your pet's condition, needs and requirements; make an appointment for your intial assessment and also for your 1st hydrotherapy or physiotherapy session
  • We will contact your vet and if necessary specialist hospital and request a referral.  

The referral consent form is an essential document and should be completed as fully as possible. It gives us important details about the condition being referred for as well as other conditions and medications that need to be taken into account.

Our code of practice prevents us from treating an animal without the completion of the referral consent form. It is also a legal requirement that no animal can receive hydrotherapy treatment without your veterinary surgeons consent.


Please note some insurance companies do cover complimentary treatment and we are pleased to be able to accept insurance claims. Please contact your insurance provider for confirmation as to whether hydrotherapy is included in your policy.