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Our prices for Canine Hydrotherapy and fun swims for small animals

Price List

Our treatments are tailored to your dog's needs and requirements.  As well as offering hydrotherapy for rehabilitation we also run fitness and puppy sessions. Rehabilitation may consist of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or a combination of both.    


Initial assessment - £45

Full land based assessment, gait analysis, short and long term goals and a treatment plan including physiotherapy exercises to perform at home, if appropriate. 

Duration 45 minutes

Hydrotherapy sessions £33

Sessions in the pool or underwater treadmill. Includes continuation of short & long term goals & hydrotherapy treatment plan with a qualified hydrotherapist

Duration: 30 minutes

Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy combined £66

These sessions combine the benefits of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and are conducted by a physiotherapist and hydrotherapist.  Manual therapies will be carried out in the pool helping to relieve any muscle tension to facilitate productive swimming. Physiotherapy equipment could also be used at the beginning or end of a session and a progressive home exercise plan will also be provided after each session.  

Duration: 60 minute


Initial physiotherapy assessment, treatment plan and hydrotherapy treatment  £88

These sessions are particularly useful for post operative patients and those that need additional rehabiliation initially. Full land based assessment, gait analysis, physiotherapy treatment & hydrotherapy treatment        

Duration: 90 minutes                                                                                                   

Initial physiotherapy assessment & treatment plan £57.50

Full land based assessment, gait analysis, physiotherapy treatment

Duration: 60 minutes

Further physiotherapy treatments £47.50

Continuation of treatment plan

Duration: 45 minutes

Physiotherapy treatment followed by a hydrotherapy session £78

These sessions are particularly useful for post operative patients and those that need additional rehabiliation initially.  A physiotherapy treatment with the physiotherapist, followed by a hydrotherapy session with a hydrotherapist. Continuation of treatment plan, re-assessment of plan, gait analysis & hydrotherapy treatment

Duration: 75 minutes


Fun and Fitness

Fun and fitness sessions  £30

Fun and fitness sessions for dogs that just love the water. 

Duration: 30 minutes

Owner led sessions  £20

You can 'hire' the pool to have quality time with your own dog.  Usually only possible for dogs not requiring a hydrotherapist , as well as dogs that can already swim and do not have health conditions.  The owner is responsible for showering the dog pre and post session as well as drying the dog and ensuring the pool room is as it was found! 

Toys and treats are available as well as float coats.  A hydrotherapist will initially fit your dog with the correct size collar and float coat and provide appropriate toys.

Duration: 30 minutes maximum for the entire session with a maximum pool time of 20 minutes 

Puppy Swims £28

A qualified hydrotherapist will teach your puppy to swim, burn excess energy and have fun in a safe and controlled environment
Duration: 15 minutes

Fun and Fitness More than one dog swims  

30% discount on the second dog

For more than 2 dogs - please speak to us