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Canine Hydropool for fun, fitness and learning

Senior/OAP, Fitness, fun & puppy swims

Senior/OAP, Fitness, fun & puppy swims

Senior/OAP swimmers

Swimming in warm water can be really beneficial for elderly pets.  The warm water opens the blood vessels and hydrostatic pressure pushes oxygen around the body into all the skeletal muscles as well as muscles such as the lungs and heart.  This process also pushes out toxins from the body.  

Being submerged in warm water can aid in pain relief and some of our patients even fall asleep in our arms because they are so comfortable and relaxed.

We understand that some eldery dogs are nervous and we take every step to ensure your dog is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We take the sessions at your pet's own pace and if they just want to experience the relaxation and pain relief properties that's fine with us, but if they also want to play as well we love to help them enjoy chasing that toy where they may not be able to do so on land any longer.  

As well as regular hydrotherapy treatment, it is also important to help your dog on a daily basis.  To assist you wth this and manage your dog's changing needs we offer a discounted assessment where we can advise you on:

  • Exercise
  • Diet for senior dogs
  • The cycle of untreated osteoarthritis
  • Signs of whether your dog is in pain
  • Pain relief options in addition to the advice and medication you receive from your vet
  • Dog beds
  • Physiotherapy exercises and stretches you can perform at home

We understand how important it is for our elderly loved ones to receive these benefits so we have an OAP / Senior package plan. Take a look on a price list page. 

Fun & fitness swims for dogs

We offer fun and fitness sessions for dogs that just love to swim, need to maintain their fitness or for competiton dogs that need to be kept at their peak fitness level.  Swimming in cold water, lakes, rivers and the sea can be dangerous due to poor blood circulation, objects hidden under the water, currents and dirty, poisonous water.

With us you can be assured your dog can have great fun and keep fit whilst in a safe and controlled environment and in water heated to 30 degrees Celsius.

These session are with a qualified hydrotherapist and we are happy for owners to join in on the fun too.  

Puppy and learn to swim sessions

You might be surprised to learn that not all dogs can swim initially so if you live near water or visit water it's a good idea to ensure your dog can swim.  If you have a puppy that you'd like to teach to swim or if you'd like to be prepared in case your little one requires hydrotherapy in the future, we can teach your dog to swim and hopefully have fun in the process.  Large breeds benefit from swimming as this is less strain on their joints espcially for young dogs.

These session are with a qualified hydrotherapist and we are happy for owners to join in on the fun too.