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Hydropets Therapy and Fitness Centre

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Purpose built swimming pool

Our Hydrotherapy Pool

Our Hydrotherapy Pool


The pride of our centre is the purpose built hydrotherapy pool. It is fully in-ground which means it is safe and easy to manage for all animals, especially for those with reduced mobility. There are no long, hard to manage ramps that could potentially un-do all the good done following veterinary or hydrotherapy treatment.

The water in the 5x3m pool is heated to 30 degrees C, which is better for your pet as it allows improved blood circulation to all of the muscles.


The platform within the pool was designed specifically to give support and can aid in the treatment given by both the hydrotherapist and physiotherapist. 


At Hydopets we are able to offer a mix of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in the pool.  These sessions are longer and your pet will experience the best of both worlds with a hydrotherapist and physiotherapist.  Manual therapies will be carried out, helping to relieve any muscle tension to facilitate productive hydrotherapy.  Isometric exercises will usually be used during the session.  See more information about this in our 'Physiotherapy' section.  


We have the best floatation aids and harnesses available so your pet is safe and secure in the water. We also have a range of safe toys that can be used as encouragement if necessary. We also understand the safety precautions that need to be taken into account when playing with toys in water such as choking and limiting as much as possible the amount of water swallowed.

Drying Area

The separate drying area means we can dry your pet as much as possible after their treatment as this is important so the muscles do not become cold and stiffen up. We encourage you to bring your pet's own towel and coat. We can order special coats designed for post hydrotherapy swims. Please discuss this with us during your treatment.

Physiotherapy Suite

Our veterinary physiotherapists have their own specially built room. The physiotherapy suite also houses a Hydrophysio water treadmill.