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Nicky and Munkee's Story

Nicky and Munkee's Story

Munkee is my beautiful 9 year old golden Labrador. He is my life and unfortunately he lost his front right leg to cancer (nerve sheath sarcoma). He had an operation to remove the tumour along with radiotherapy. Unfortunately the tumour came back. We were told we could leave him but that he was already in pain & it would get worse or we could remove his leg. No decision really! Although I cried solidly for a week!

Lots of people told me that Munkee's balance would be a problem and that he would fall over when he shook and that he wouldn't be able to walk far due to the impact on his front left leg. Munkee has always had at least three good walks a day about an hour each time with off lead exercise.

Once Munkee had his leg removed I realised that he could walk but he needed a lot of stops on the way! I wanted to find a way to keep up his exercise but take the pressure off his one remaining front leg. My vet recommended hydrotherapy.

I checked three local pools. The last one was Hydropets. I went without Munkee. I was instantly impressed with the standard of the premises and the cleanliness. I spoke to Helen Edis. I found her extremely knowledgeable and polite. She seemed to genuinely care about all the animals under her care and was very enthusiastic! She coped extremely well with this neurotic owner!

When Helen & Munkee met she treated him like her own dog. Everything was taken at his pace.He loved every minute! At first he couldn't quite get his balance, but with his float coat and Helen by his side he soon overcame that! That was 16 months ago now!! He goes every week. Helen has to run now to keep up with him when he swims! (Plus he loves to have a cuddle with Helen in the pool, he tends to fall asleep!)

I can honestly say that I don't think Munkee would still be here if it wasn't for Helen and her team. We will never be able to thank them enough!