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Lead Hydrotherapist

Helen Edis

Helen Edis

Helen is a qualified and Registered Canine Hydrotherapist (RCH), Dip HSA (Hydrotherapy Small Animals), Advanced Anatomy & Physiology (Dip) and Advanced Water Treadmill (Dip). She has been around animals all her life with dogs, cats and horses.  Helen has a special interest in neurological and spinal conditions and the benefits rehabilitation can offer.

Helen is passionate about animals. Their care and well being is extremely important to her. It was Helen's dog Ole, a beautiful border collie that inspired her to launch Hydropets due to his life time need for hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as a result of spondylosis, bulging discs and elbow osteoarthritis. Ole can very often be found lounging around in the pool and meeting lots of his friends and making new ones.  Ole is also used to help introduce nervous dogs to the water.  

She lives locally with her husband Tony and their Border Collies Ole, Max and Thom.  As well as Ole having the perfect home, Max is also a lucky boy having a rehabilitation centre run by his mum, as he has severe bilateral hip dysplasia.  Hydropets can also take responsibility for Thom now having a loving and fun home as he was found by one of Helen's clients in mid winter rumaging through rubbish bins for food when he was about 5 weeks old.  

Helen and Tony enjoy sheepdog training with Max and Thom.  They also enjoy walking, travelling, and spending good times together and with friends.

Interesting fact about Helen..... she was qualified as an Interior Designer.